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About Us

Welcome to PLAY.FIFTYONEFORTYNINE.COM, the MC community sponsored by Fifty One Forty Nine, an emerging UK fashion & apparel brand. Please get to know our sponsor better by reading the information below.


What is FIFTY ONE FORTY NINE and what do WE stand for?

We view Fifty One Forty Nine as a symbol of positivity, and a formula for living our best life. It means giving more than you take, thinking and behaving more in the positive than the negative.

Positive thinking will help improve your personality and character, which in turn can make the world a happier and more caring place, as well as increase your chance of success and happiness in both personal and working life.

We believe in human potential, and recognise all the good being done in the world. Likewise, we want to play our part and help spread our message of optimism and positivity.

We like to wear our positivity like a badge, which is how Fifty One Forty Nine clothing was born.

We create clothing that is aligned with our beliefs and hopefully yours, of thinking positively, being kind, considerate and doing the right thing.

We have partnered with manufacturers who are advocates of our beliefs, and who follow sustainable and environmental practices, use organic and recycled materials, and are committed to providing a safe and fair working environment. The organisations we work with have been awarded accreditations such as Fair Wear, GOTS, ISO14001 and many other ethical and environmental awards.

We work with artists and designers from all over the world, demonstrating the power of collaboration between communities and cultures. These artists help us spread our message of positivity; of kindness, change, love, nature, patience, commitment, protection, persistence, growth, charity, compassion, innovation, partnership, community and a single vision.

Small steps, lead to great distances travelled.

Are you an Agent of Positivity yet?...

X.O. Fifty One Forty Nine

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